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This April 5, 2017, a press conference was held on the study carried out by the renowned Dr. Carlos Aguirre who presented a study published in the journal Neurological Research International (Vol. 2017) together with the Por Grace Foundation.

This study is the first of its kind carried out in Mexico, it was carried out with RSHO-X cannabidiol oil in 76% of the cases. This cannabidiol oil has no traces of THC, and it was created by HempMeds® with the Mexican population in mind.

This published scientific study is observational and describes the benefits of the use of cannabidiol in the treatment of children with refractory epilepsy in Mexico.

“The results of this study indicate that medicinal cannabis is useful as a complementary treatment, since it promotes a significant reduction in the frequency, duration, and intensity of seizures, in addition to improving other aspects of patients’ lives,” mentioned Dr. Aguirre.

The published results indicate a decrease in seizures in 81.3% of patients, and even 16% reported being free of epileptic seizures, the improvements reported in this observational study are not only related to the frequency of seizures, but also found other improvements such as the patients’ emotional state, their level of attention, and even notable improvements in their sleep patterns.

Parents reported a decrease in seizures, more than 20% reduced the use of Anti-epileptic drugs due to Cannabidiol and none reported serious adverse effects.

For his part, Raúl Elizalde, Founder of Por Grace, thanked Dr. Aguirre for his collaboration in helping millions of patients, as well as promoting the commitment to the universal right to health.