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Hello! I am Mayela Benavides Arriola,
and i’m Grace’s mother

I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León. I am the wife of a great man and the mother of three wonderful daughters: Graciela, Valentina and Bárbara. I studied Industrial Engineering, and most of my labor experience was working for a government agency as Chief Supply Analyst. However, my career went to second place after my life took an extraordinary turn when my first daughter was born: Graciela, who, since the first months of her life showed some psychomotor retardation and other signs that, as a mother, I knew were not well.

Yes, Graciela suffers from a type of epilepsy that is difficult to control: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and to come to this diagnosis we had to go a long way between doctors, therapies, medications, and more.

It took five years to give myself the opportunity for motherhood again, and then Valentina was born, a beautiful redhead, who has been a faithful companion to her sister Grace, dedicated, loving, intelligent, and fun.

Shortly after, Barbara came surprisingly to complete our family with her charming smile. Three beautiful daughters make up our family and with them, I dedicate my time to their school activities, therapy, and fun.

In addition to my professional career, I am a photographer, enjoy listening to music, and love cooking with Valentina.

Together with my husband, we are pioneers in the legal use of Medical Cannabis in Mexico.


It was a tireless fight for our daughter Grace so that she could access an oil derived from cannabis and thus reduce her seizures.

This led us to create the Por Grace Foundation in which we provide advice to families who like us, seek to offer a better quality of life for ther children.