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The Por Grace Foundation, begun with a Facebook page intended to share  moments from Grace’s life

We decided to create it to share the process that we carried out to access Medicinal Cannabis. Through this social network, many parents in despair contacted us searching for a treatment that would benefit the health of their children, in addition to that, they felt identified with the case of our daughter because many of them went through the same condition.

Little by little, what we created as a Facebook page for a community of parents to exchange experiences about information on therapies, medicine donations, wheelchairs, and everything related to disability quickly  consolidated.

With time, the number of parents who contacted us to request advice on the process of importing Cannabidiol increased significantly, and this led us to create a Foundation that would provide information to be able to access this type of treatment, at the same time, the Foundation continued to fight for the approval of Medicinal Cannabis Laws with Senators and Deputies.

Finally, in January 2016, Por Grace, A.C. was created a.k.a. Por Grace Foundation


The Por Grace Foundation has 3 key objectives

Educate on the responsible use of medical cannabis

Organizing lectures
and conferences,
spreading information
from reliable sources.

Promote the responsible use of medical cannabis

Linking patients
with trained doctors
with CBD knowledge. 

Support people who require medical cannabis to alleviate their ailments.

Through donations, discounts, advice,
and promotion of their crafts.


Consolidating what little by little became a page for a community for parents to exchange experiences, we have evolved into a network of information on therapies, medical donations, wheelchairs and everything related to disability.