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Why on November 15?

World Cannabis Day is the quintessential April 20, a date that originated in 1971 in California, where several high school students gathered in front of the statue of Louis Pasteur every day after leaving school at 4 a.m.: 20 to smoke a pipe. Although that is just one of the theories that abound in the network about the origin of the famous 4:20.

But medical cannabis also had to have its day. Hundreds have been the cases of people who have been deprived of their medicine because it is considered illegal, being cases that have resonated internationally like that of Robert Randall. Randall was the founder of the Therapeutic Cannabis Alliance and became the first legal cannabis user in the United States (after 1937). Randal used his medical necessity to use this substance to treat his glaucoma as a legal defense when he was charged with illegal possession of cannabis. The “United States v. Randall” case was the first case in which a medicinal user won a trial and the first time they need for a defense against the crimes of possession or cultivation of marijuana was brought to the table.

During 1994 this and other events related to cannabis occurred worldwide, which led to the fact that November 15 was finally declared as World Medical Cannabis Day.

In September 1994 the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) of the United States announced that it had a new board of directors, including prestigious scientists and even a Nobel Prize winner.

That same month, British Liberal Democrats voiced their support for the legalization of cannabis use for the first time. At the same time, the California governor was vetoing legislation that would have allowed the legal use of marijuana, as the law was against national federal law.

In October, German law decreed that possession of two to four kilos of hashish should be considered a misdemeanor, and possession of small amounts for personal use was decriminalized.

At the same time, Australians took to the streets to demonstrate throughout the country in favor of legalization, events that left at least four detainees. Pro-cannabis organizations stated that national laws regarding the substance had failed, with 75% of Australians supporting the decriminalization of the cultivation and possession for the personal use of cannabis.

In November, the Colombian government withdrew a promise to hold a referendum on the personal possession and use of small amounts of drugs. The Colombians had already decreed that the possession of small amounts of marijuana, hashish, or cocaine could not be prohibited although the sale of drugs remained illegal.

The Federation of American Scientists made a formal demand that the government accelerates research on the medical application of cannabis. Finally, on November 15, World Medical Cannabis Day is proclaimed, with demonstrations in Canada and the United States.